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Equipment rental is Cheap. Clean. Simple.

Renting catering equipment is cheap, 'clean' and simple.

  • Cheap as you no longer have to buy equipments, and subsequently stock them, just for this one big 'annual' event you will be hosting

  • 'Clean' since we will be taking care of all the cleaning and washing up of the equipments

  • Simple as what you see is what you get from Zebra Catering. Choose the items you want and we will have them delivered. Make our lives easier by giving us at least a 7-day notice prior to the event.

Equipment Rental Delivery Charges

We have a minimum amount for delivery of rental equipment - $750


Round-trip Delivery charges:

$600 for orders below $5,000

$400 for orders above $5,000

Free delivery for orders over $10,000


Additional charges may apply depending on location.

Breakage, Lost items and Replacement

In the unfortunate event where items rented are lost or broken, a cost of replacement will be charged. This is usually 3-4 times the rental cost for lighter items such as glassware and chinaware and can be more for larger and expensive items. The replacement cost of each item rented will be clearly stated in our quotation.


A damage deposit of 30% of total rental amount is therefore applicable. 



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