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The coronavirus outbreak has slowed business activity across all sectors. Social gatherings are limited to small groups too. zebracatering is now offering a 50% discount on all catering equipment rental for events booked between now and end of May (31/5/2020). Note the event can take place anytime beyond May, but the booking must be confirmed and completed before end of May. 

The discount is ideal for: 

- wedding couples considering to host ceremony, cocktail reception or banquet outside of hotels

- house parties, family gatherings arranged at home or venue not open to public

- company events scheduled in the latter part of the year or even early next year


- for companies, cost saving will be a key priority for 2020, reducing a big chunk of equipment rental costs contribute partly to achieving the goal

- for couples, no doubt any savings will be a good help when economy is uncertain, especially for a wedding which often comprises of an endless lists of outgoings

- for house gatherings or parties, we deliver to anywhere in Hong Kong. Why buy when you can rent and not worry about space and clean up at such low costs. 

Terms & Conditions: 

- Booking must be made on or before May 31st, 2020 to enjoy the 50% discount

- Full payment must be made on or before May 31st, 2020 to confirm the booking 

- Order cancellation and full refund can be arranged if the change is notified to us at least 7 days in advance

- Any changes in items ordered or quantities to be advised 7 days in advance

- Email or call +852 3565 4119 for more info

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